What is the dance booth at ABBA Voyage concert? (2023)

What is the dance booth at ABBA Voyage?

We have eight Dance Booths in total, four for up to 10 people and four for up to 12 people. Each booth is named after people from the ABBA universe. These are flexible spaces, so you can book an individual ticket, or book one or more whole booths for your party. Each booth has seating, plus your very own dance floor.

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Which is the best dance booth at ABBA Voyage?

Premium seats

The Dance Booths are a popular choice for making a special night of it at ABBA Voyage, with individual dance floors. In general seating, blocks A - E offer the best views in the ABBA Arena.

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Where are best seats for ABBA Voyage?

Best Seats
  • Block F F17. 1 review, 1 photo. £66.00. Book This Seat.
  • Block J D31. 1 review, 1 photo. £101.00. Book This Seat.
  • Block J A29. 1 review, 1 photo. £101.00. Book This Seat.
  • Block G A27. 1 review, 1 photo. £101.00. Book This Seat.
  • Block H J14. 1 review, 1 photo. £113.00. Book This Seat.
  • Block G J31. 1 review, 1 photo. £113.00.

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How big are the ABBA dance booths?

Dance booth: There are eight dance booths available, four of which host up to 10 people, while the other four can fit up to 12 people.

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How does the ABBA Hologram Concert work?

ABBA Voyage is a virtual concert residency by the Swedish pop group ABBA. The concerts feature virtual avatars (dubbed 'ABBAtars'), depicting the group as they appeared in 1977. The concerts are held in a purpose-built venue at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, officially called the ABBA Arena.

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Is the ABBA Voyage concert holograms?

But then, this past May, they did. The occasion was the opening night of ABBA Voyage, their new virtual-concert residency in London, and they were there to take a bow for a performance they had not (technically) given. Voyage stars computer-generated clones of the band designed to look and sound like their 1979 selves.

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How early should I arrive for ABBA Voyage?

Please arrive an hour in advance of your concert start time to allow for ticket and security checks and any travel disruption on the day. Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable point in the concert. Where is the ABBA Arena? You can find us in London at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

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What to wear to ABBA Voyage concert?

There is no official dress code for the evening. Expect to see a mix of ABBA fancy dress, Donna dungarees and normal evening out attire.

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Can I take a bag to ABBA Voyage?

Food and drink purchased elsewhere may not be brought into or consumed at the ABBA Arena and will be confiscated on entry. You should avoid bringing large suitcases or bags to the Arena as these may not be admitted and cloakroom availability cannot be guaranteed.

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How long does the ABBA Voyage show last?

Concert Times

The concert is 90 minutes long and there is no interval. Doors open 1 hour 45 minutes before the start of the concert. The performance will start promptly and latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

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Is ABBA Voyage concert worth it?

The surround sound is terrific (291 speakers), the 10-piece band are lively, fleshing out the 70s and 80s-era vocals. The many descending ropes of light are not a million miles away from Four Tet's mesmerising, immersive rave shows. The biggest number, though, is the bottom line.

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What time does ABBA Voyage show finish?

If you are attending the evening performance of ABBA Voyage it will end around 9.15pm.

What is the dance booth at ABBA Voyage concert? (2023)
Are ABBA Voyage tickets selling well?

We have to see how attractive it is. We've sold 380,000 tickets or so. It's good for a couple months.

What happens at ABBA Voyage concert?

What will you see at ABBA Voyage? Those avatars, based on the reunited Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad perform every single number. The singers are backed by a live 10-piece band, accompanying ABBA's avatars on all their hits and bringing that immersive energy to the room.

Does ABBA Voyage use actors?

Instead of flesh and blood ABBA, the show is performed by life-sized, animated CGI avatars of the four members, restored by technology to their pop star primes. (ABBAtars, the producers call them.)

Where is the ABBA hologram show?

Located at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, the arena is purpose-built for ABBA's never before-seen concert.

What will the ABBA concert be like?

In this so-called 'immersive digital concert experience', dancing queens Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, and instrumentalists and songwriters Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus will be performing virtually via custom-built digital avatars, which have, of course, been dubbed their ABBATARS.

Is the ABBA concert pre recorded?

In a blooper-free rehearsal ahead of the full launch on Thursday, songs were pre-recorded, the band was live and the audience at the ABBA arena in Stratford, east London, lapped it up.

Did ABBA sing live in concert?

And although none of the real-life musicians were actually onstage performing, all four of them were present in London, making a rare public appearance at the premiere of their virtual live concert ABBA Voyage.

What time do doors open for ABBA Voyage?

What time does will the ABBA Arena open? ? The ABBA Arena will be open two hours before the concert begins. Usually 6pm evenings, 1pm matinees but please ensure you check concert times before your journey. The running time for the concert is 100 minutes and there is no interval.

Is there a cloak room at ABBA Voyage?

We do have a cloakroom with limited space, so please only bring the essentials.

Are there toilets in the ABBA Arena?

There is step-free access throughout the ABBA Arena including the main entrance, foyer, toilets, bars and the auditorium itself.

Did ABBA lip sync their concerts?

Usually ABBA performances on TV were lip-synched. However, there also are several special and interesting ones. ABBA pre-recorded several special arrangements with or without new vocal tracks for their TV performances and then mimed to them at the actual show, sometimes they also really sung live on stage.

What is the ABBA departure lounge?

The Oceanbird Departure Lounge is a premium space within the ABBA Arena, where you can relax and enjoy free flowing drinks – including a Oceanbird-themed cocktail ahead of the concert. The lounge also serves cold-cuts and platters, snacks, and desserts.

Does ABBA Voyage have air con?

They're full size (9 carriage - air conditioned) trains.

How long does ABBA Voyage concert last?

Concert Times

The concert is 90 minutes long and there is no interval. Doors open 1 hour 45 minutes before the start of the concert. The performance will start promptly and latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

What is the ABBA Voyage concert like?

The 95-minute concert is an immersive experience that uses that big wrap-around screen to re-animate a band who last played live in 1979. The entire effect is like being in an ABBA Elevator.

Can you take water into ABBA Voyage?

You are responsible for your belongings when attending the ABBA Arena. ABBA Voyage accepts no responsibility for any personal property brought to the venue. Food and drink purchased elsewhere may not be brought into or consumed at the ABBA Arena and will be confiscated on entry.

How much are tickets for ABBA departure lounge?

Access to the Lounge and all its benefits can be purchased for £99 per person.

What facilities are at the ABBA Arena?

About ABBA Arena

In the venue, you can find four public bars, a Prosecco bar and a concourse eatery serving hot dogs, deli sandwiches and sweet treats. The Departure Lounge at ABBA Voyage is a premium hospitality space, where you can enjoy free-flowing food and drink before the concert.

Can you take pictures at ABBA Voyage?

During your visit, you are welcome to take photos outside of the arena and inside the main arena concourse.

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